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What Inspired The Summer 2021 Collection

When it came time to begin working on the newest Ray of Light Swimwear collection my main goal was to create an elevated collection of swimsuits better than the first. I wanted to create swimsuits that all women can feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in. When searching for new inspiration I went back to my roots of geometric prints and colors, this time focusing on the beautiful details of Moroccan tiles.

There’s a luxe feeling that goes hand in hand with these tiles. Feelings of wanderlust, a foreign adventure and luxury poolside lounging. I wanted to capture these feelings in the newest swimwear collection but also expand on another detail about them.

My favorite part about these tiles is the way the shapes all mold into each other. From one small shape a larger one is formed. There’s so much beauty in the repetitive pattern of the shapes and colors, whether it’s a more complex and detailed pattern or a simpler one. These tiles are also delicate but strong and feminine. As you may know at Ray of Light Swim we are all about embracing the things that make us who we are, owning them confidently, allowing us to shine from within. The details are so unique, none is like the other, from changing one color or shape you can create something entirely new.

 Developing this new collection has been just like that. We’ve taken the best parts of who we are and made them better and taken away the parts that didn’t work. We can’t wait to show you more and hope you love it as much as we do. Stay tuned to the next newsletter with all the details!



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